RES returned to Refuel with a new kart to challenge the Overall EV Track Record.  We had a great day, but fell just short of our goal.  RES replicated its performance taking positions 2 through 7 overall, and setting Laguna Seca's third fastest EV Lap ever.

The Rattlesnake 4 was driven by multi champion Brett Buckwalter.  After a few early teething pains, the RS4 and it's 75 HP Zero Motorsports Power plan delivered the goods in the TT, pulling strong accross the line solidly in the 1:32's.  Matt Cresci and Patrick Kelly traded the Group2 lead all day, with Patrick lowering the Group2 EKart track record to 1:41.995, while Matt triamphed in the TT with a 1:42.352. Marcos had a busy day driving in two classes, and both Jon Horsley and Richard Hilleman substantially lowered their personal bests on the track.

The Rattlesnake 4 still has a lot of development left, and we will be back next year trying to win the overall.

212 Laps

Simraceway Summerduro.

On June 28, 2014 Simraceway hosted a four hour Enduro on the fast National Track.  The RES team entered for the first time attempting one of the most challenging of racing events, especially for EV’s. 

We took #00 in its Group 2 form and increased the radiator capacity as a precaution.  We prepared 7sets of batteries and 10 Kw of charging capacity.  Marcos Ramirez, Matt Cresci and Richard Hilleman were joined by Christopher Hilleman, the first Junior driver in Group2 history.

We planned for 12 stints of 20 laps with a 240 lap target.  It required us to drive to something less than full speed to extend our range and manage the battery temperature. Marcos ran the first two stints, which featured the second fastest lap of the day. Matt followed with another 40 laps. Rich did two stints for another 43 laps.  As we completed the first six stints of the day, we encountered a charger failure.

We pushed on with Christopher doing his 20 lap Stint holding our position. That handed the wheel back to Marcos and Matt for the rest of the event.  They pushed on to the end, with Matt completing the final stint with a final hot lap.

At the end of the day, we finished 8th, completing 212 laps, 12 Drive battery changes, and three 12V battery changes.  Our only failures were a 12V battery issue and charger failure.  The system showed remarkable reliability. Next time, we will be there to win.

Marcos take the last lap win and stretches his championship lead. Matt is disappointed by his late loss, and Christopher Hilleman claims the first EVO class Podium for a Junior.

Junior Group 2 driver Christopher Hilleman executes his 20 lap stint for another series first.

Three of the RES team collect the hardware for the first EV Superduro team effort logging 212 laps.

RLOKC #6: 3 For the Champ

Marcos Ramirez only led one lap in the feature, but it was the right one. Round 6 of the RLOKC started with a new Track Record for Richard Hilleman and the RS3 of 50.832.  He followed it up with nearly a 4 second victory in the first PreMain.  A bad start handed the lead to Matt Cresci who diced with Marcos and Rich before securing the second race of the day.  

The team had used Dry Ice to cool the batteries to allow for the fastest Premains of the year, and that had thrown the strategy for the feature into disarray.  Did they have enough cold in the Batteries to go flat out, and if now where was the threshold? Rich faultered from the pole, ultimately parking it without finishing a lap.  Matt held Marcos at bay for 11 laps, with Christopher Hilleman exploiting the opportunity and showing a strong third.  Marcos made the move about half way through the 12 lap and came home with the feature win to extend his championship lead.